West Indies One Day Shirt

The West Indies One Day Shirt has under gone many changes since theteam first played Limited Over cricket...

But over the last twenty fiveyears one factor that has remained constant is the use of the team'straditional maroon.

One Day ShirtThe new One Day International cricket shirt

is no different, designedby admiral it carries the West Indies Logo on the left side of thechest along with the admiral and the sponsors Digicel logo right acrossthe chest.

The traditional maroon of the West Indies have been beautifullyutilised in the design of this modern day Replica Shirt. What you havenow is an attractive shirt for both players and fans of the West Indies.

So as you support the West Indies as they try to regain the loftyheights they once set. You too can get ready to battle in this replicaWest Indies One Day International Shirt.

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