The Best West Indies Cricket Books

West Indies Cricket books are a great way for fans to gain a better insight into the game and the mind set of some of the legendary players. So whether you are a professional cricketer, an amateur or just a fan you’ll probably find these cricket books to be a fun and enlightening addition to your library. Explore this section and you’ll find various West Indies Cricket books, which deal with the games history and players perspective...

Cricket Books Caught In Action: Twenty Years of West Indies Cricket Photography
By: Gordon Brooks
Published 2003

West Indies cricket has never before been represented and show cased as it has been in this book, which will surely become a collectors piece.

Gordon Brooks has been the leading photographer of West Indies cricket for over twenty years and this West Indies Cricket book beautifully features the very best of his work, most of which has never been published before. learn more about Caught In Action 20 Years of West Indies Cricket Photography!

West Indies Cricket Books The Glory Days: 25 Great West Indian Cricketers
By: Tony King & Peter Laurie
Published 2003

This book celebrates the stars of West Indies cricket. Batsmen like Headley, Walcott, Weekes, Worrell, Sobers, Richards and Lara; and bowlers like Hall, Gibbs, Roberts, Holding, Marshall, Ambrose and Walsh. 

There are profiles, career highlights and statistics of the 25 greatest West Indies cricketers, accompanied by loads of superb photos. for more on this book review click here

West Indies Cricket Books A History of West Indies Cricket
By: Michael Manley
Published 1987

This book offers West Indian fans and all cricket enthusiast the complete story of West Indies in Test and International cricket. This comprehensive West Indies Cricket book runs from the first tour of England in 1906 and the official Test matches in 1928, to the first test series won abroad in 1950, and through to 2000.

At the same time the author Michael Manley who serve as Prime Minister of Jamaica from 1972-1980, recalls his own enthusiasm for the game, kindleed at the age of ten when he watched George Headley make 270 not out against the English tourist in 1934-5, and the devastating fast bowling of Martindale and Constantine... read more about this fascinating cricket book!

West Indies Cricket Books A Nation Imagine: 75 Years of Windies Test Cricket
By: Professor Hillary Beckles
Published 2003

The publication of A Nation Imagined falls squarely within the West Indies Cricket Board’s celebrations of 75 years of West Indies’ entry into Test cricket. 

Produced under the theme “75 Years of Windies Test Cricket: Uniting the Region, Exciting the World”, this commemorative book is a treasure trove of facts and anecdotes and a must have for every cricket lover. Learn more about A Nation Imagine: 75 Years of West Indies Test Cricket!

cricket books The Wisden: History of The Cricket World Cup
By: Tony Cozier (Editor)
Published 2007

The West Indies hosted the ninth Cricket World Cup in April of 2007. Each of the previous eight world cups were comprehensively cover by Wisden. This book mixes original Wisden reports with new material provided by some of the worlds leading cricket writers, to produce a fantastic book The Wisden History of Cricket World Cup.

This book is edited by Tony Cozier the renowned  and respected West Indian cricket commentator and journalist. The foreword is by Clive Lloyd the former West Indies captain and the first captain to lift the cricket word cup in 1975 when West Indies won the inaugural tournament... read more about this fascinating cricket book!

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