A Review of Gary Sobers Autobiography

Gary Sobers Autobiography is a reflection on Sobers career and an assessment of modern cricket in the West Indies and beyond, and gives his verdict on how the sport can progress in the 21st century.

This autobiography chronicals the extraordinary career of crickets greatest ever alrounder. Garry Sobers: My Autobiography is a detailed account of what this West Indian legend achieved in his cricketing career which started in 1953 and ended in 1975.

gary sobers autobiographyGarry Sobers: My Autobiography is his story, ghost written by journalist Bob Harris.

This autobiograhy tells the story not only of a cricket genius but of one of those rare cricketers who was a sporting person to the core.

Sober's career in cricket is fully covered from its inception until injuries more than anything else put an end to perhaps what was the most magical cricket career ever.

The story tells of booze and gambling and late nights out on the town even during Test matches.

Gary Sobers is an icon for every cricketer and cricket lover and Gary Sobers: My Autobiorgraphy, is a must have for every cricket lover, autograph collector, and anyone interested in the Caribbean and West Indies Cricket.

'Gary Sobers: My Autobiorgraphy', is an essential reference text and souvenir edition.

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