'The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup'is a fascinating tour through eight cricket world cups, beginning with the inaugural Prudential World Cup in England in 1975.

The book brings together and nicely summarises, the excellent reports and statistics done over the years by Wisden, the leading authority on cricket.

This book is more than just a Caribbean cricket book it is a documentary of the rich history of the third largest sporting spectacle in the world.

It was published in 2006, in time for Cricket World Cup 2007 to be held in the West Indies, it starts with the first World Cup in 1975, and is based on Wisdens comprehensive records of every match ever played in this tournament.

The book is edited by the legendary West Indian cricketcommentator and journalist Tony Cozier.

'The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup' is not just about Wisdens reports and statistics it also features new articles written by some of the worlds leading cricket writers.

Appropriately the foreword is written by Clive Lloyd the legendary West Indies captain who no doubt had his finest hour when he lifted the first ever World Cup of cricket when his team won the inaugural tournament in 1975.

This magnificent book, 'The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup', will enable cricket fans from around the world to relived many great moments.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and brought to life with over 200 fantastic colour pictures by one of crickets leading photographers, Patrick Edgar.

The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup' takes a look back at some of the cricketing greats who have taken part in past cricket World Cups.

Cricket legends such as Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards and Brian Lara of the WestIndies, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendukar of India, Imran Khan and Inzamam Ul-Haq of Pakistan, Ian Botham and Andrew Flintoff of England and Steve Waugh and Shane Warne of Australia.

'The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup' also provide cricket fans with a preview to the next tournament, Cricket World Cup 2007 to be held in the West Indies.

An in-dept look at all of the teams involved is included, as well as records and detailed scores of every match everplayed in the cricket world cup.

The Wisden History of the Cricket World Cup' is a mantle piece, a collector's item, a must have for fans of West Indies cricket, Australian cricket, English cricket, Indian cricket and all the other nations who have taken part in any of the cricket world cups.

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