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The stories and the folklore surrounding West Indies cricket are compelling... but for some of us who are too young to have witness the brilliance there is something even more compelling. videos!

You see this may not seem like a big deal... but videos of past cricket games are an excellent way for cricket fans to stay in-touch with many of the great performances of the past.

These videos are also the perfect means by which modern day coaches can past on skills from some of the legends of the game.

...But widespread video coverage of cricket games is a recent phenomenon. So you will find that many of the games greatest moments have been lost because of the lack of video coverage.

I know it is sad, but don’t despair there are still some excellent videos of vintage cricket available.

There are some magical moments in cricket many of them involve our beloved West Indies team. Here in this section you’ll find videos from the golden era of West Indies Cricket.

Here are the videos listed by decade starting from the sixties...

Cricket In The 1960s

The West Indies began the 1960s with a superb display of Test cricket with what has been widely regarded as the 'Greatest Test Series Ever Played'. The Australia v West Indies 1960/61, series that feature the famous tied test.

The 1960s also saw the West Indies defeat the cricket powerhouses England and Australia for the first time...

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Cricket In The 1970s

The 1970s was a period of great controversy in International cricket, but for the West Indies it was also a period of great cricket and great players! Names such as Sobers, Richards, Lloyd, Roberts, Holding, Marshall, Garner, Greenidge, Fredericks, Kanhai, Croft and Kallicharan reflect on the cricket, the characters and the skill that shaped the destiny of this unique game that is a national pastime.

Those old enough to remember will never forget Gary Sobers' classic 254, Roy Fredericks courageous and attractive 169 against the pace and fire of Lillee and 'Thommo' in the 1975-76 series, or Clive Lloyd’s majestic 102 off the same Australian pace attack in the finals of the 1975 World Cup.

Cricket videos from the 70's are a pleasant stroll down memory lane for those that want to remember and for those that want to learn more about a remarkable period that ultimately changed the way the game of cricket was played in the future.

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Cricket In The 1980s

The 1980s represent the glory days of West Indies Cricket and the rise in the Caribbean’s national pastime to the pinnacle of world cricket.

The professionalism brought on by the World Series Cricket in the late 1970s and the discovery of a number of gifted players, led by a shrewd captain. Ensured that it was a period of total dominance of world cricket!

Names such as Greenidge, Haynes, Richards, Richardson, Lloyd, Gomes, Holding, Roberts, Garner, Marshall and Croft reflect on the cricket and the characters that shaped this golden era in West Indies cricket.

Those old enough to remember or have seen the cricket videos will never forget the greatest over of them all... Holding’s un-playable over to Boycott at Kensington Oval in 1981.

Or the sight of Malcolm Marshall slithering up to the wicket in 1984 with his left hand encased in plaster to destroy England with figures of 7 for 53.

Here is a look at West Indies Cricket videos from the 1980's glory days...

Cricket In The 1990s

The 1990s saw the fall in West Indies from the mighty heights from which they had risen during the 80s...

The simultaneous retirements of Gordon Greenidge, Malcolm Marshall and Viv Richards followed closely by the reduction in the number of players contracted to play professionally in the English counties set in motion the West Indies fall from grace.

But in spite of this decline one look at the cricket videos of this era will show that three men stood out during this period of disappointment, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh and Brian Charles Lara...

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Cricket Videos From 2000

Much has been said about this modern era of cricket... Throught out this period from 2000 until the present West Indies have continue to struggle at the International level.

Having said that there were some bright moments in all the fustration and turmoil endureed by the cricket loving Caribbean fans.

These include winning the ICC Champions Throphy in 2004 and the world record run chase to beat Australia in the 4th Test in Antigua in 2003...

Here are some of the West Indies Cricket videos from 2000

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