Battle at the Cricket Ground

by Mariam

I was desperate to go see the final cricket match between India and Pakistan at the Oval Cricket Stadium, London. My brother took me by surprise when he came home in the evening with four tickets to the game. He wanted to go with our parents and me - a real family outing!

I belong to a pure Pakistani family, residing in the U.K. for immigration purposes. It is common knowledge that Pakistan and India have always shared a tense relationship due to the many wars we have fought. Our combined history is centuries old, when before the formation of these two countries, the Hindus and Muslims lived together under the British rule.

Although things are sorted out now and we share a cordial relationship with our neighbors, still the hostility becomes all too obvious at the cricket ground. A match between India and Pakistan is always loaded with tension, venom and adrenaline-rushing moments.

India batted first and it was an eventful innings with a total score of 230 runs for 7 wickets. Next, came Pakistan’s turn. Initially they were a bit slow but, then they caught on and by the 49th over, Pakistan had made 220 runs. They still had a wicket in hand and the entire atmosphere was charged with excitement.

With two balls remaining, Pakistan needed 5 runs to win. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Everyone was praying to their Lord for a miracle. And then, Pakistan’s ace batsman, struck the ball so hard, he scored a six! Oh my God, the roar of the crowd was unbelievable! Fans ran into the cricket ground, chanting slogans, the team hugged each other, jumping for joy, and the whole environment changed!

The Indian were dejected and depressed obviously, but everyone agreed that it had been a phenomenal game and extremely well played by both the teams.

My family and I had a rocking time and although I have seen several matches live, I always remember this particular one because of the close win, the excitement and suspense that had kept us on the edge of our seats right till the very end. My cricket souvenirs are in my head!

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